Why pronorm kitchens?

Positioning and real value of kitchen brands.

Our kitchens are made in Germany by  

The traditional company pronorm can look back over a long company history. It already began  production back in 1945 of high quality kitchen furniture at its location in Vlotho. 1972 then saw  introduction of the current name of the company: pronorm. Pronorm can be counted today amongst the leading manufacturers of high quality kitchen lines which cater for both the middle and the upmarket segments.


Major shift in the kitchen industry

Since the industrial revolution, the designer and the craftsman are traditionally different roles. The designer created the templates that industrial craftsmen would replicate in the hundreds or thousands. In Italian Design industrial craftsmen were the best in the world. Italian Design  was a combination of true craftsmanship and industrial processes, while German brands focused on efficient industrial process and quality controls

The problem with craft, of course is that it’s expensive.

Now German engineers have constructed the right machines to make kitchen collections of the latest laser and CNC technology that can meticulously mimic handcraft, but with flawless results. So just like German brand Hugo Boss is abandoning its plan to become a luxury brand by making state-of-the-art suits that are cut by laser machines. The new handmade kitchen is now created by a Techno craftsmen computer.

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