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Lensvelt chooses distinction, or to be more precise, distinguishing.

Lensvelt chooses distinction, or to be more precise, distinguishing. We look for solutions with out customers that open border for both of us. Because renewal does not exist if we simply keep repeating what has already proved itself. Renewal goes hand in hand with daring and that is what is typical of Lensvelt: the audacity to deviate and the will to renew. the pertinent conviction that cultures are changeable, even those within a company, and therefore, they continually make new statements. Lensvelt draws inspiration from change, which stipulates the dynamics of our existence and the meaning of our efforts.

Moreover, we choose to bring in the architects and designers who work at the top in their field. Designers with a strong vision and an infallible feeling for the changeability of a specific period of time. They are our eyes and ears in the world and their suggestions help us to think about the products of the future. We supply the market knowledge and the development process. We also take care of the actual production, preferably immediately, so as not to let the future wait unnecessarily. Just as we force ourselves not to be satisfied with the given path that is how we choose designs with which new paths are paved. We accomplish this with the conviction that the search eventually help the originality and the sustainability of the product that we are making. And, therefore, the distinguishing character of the projects in which our furniture has a place.

As a manufacturer of office furniture we move within a business that does not excel in originality and the impulse for renewal. Office design is often as uniform as the working hours, the healthy roll for lunch, the hire car in the garage and unfortunately, the anonymous architectonic surroundings of many office environments.

Fortunately, expectations are growing. Entrepreneurs, governments, school boards, service and care providers, who are not satisfied with ‘just good enough’. They realise that their staff and customers do not get any benefits from and organisation in which all individuality has vanished. They recognize the distinguishing ambitions of Lensvelt, because they also want to stand out themselves. They have a good perception and know that we have a fine perception too. They are sensitive to innovation, demanding where quality is concerned and recognise the same motives in how we operate. They dare to take risks and expect nothing less from us. The quality of our work has to express the realisation of the workplace in which people are challenged to think in a more clear-cut way, be more self-confident in making choices and are stuck in a secure environment and replace these with better ideas. Lensvelt does not approach the design of workplaces like the regular confection made designs, but like taking measurements for a custom made suit, tailored to the situation. Our core values, Culture, Design, Innovation and Quality, have already been shaping the directions of the development of our company for considerable time. They are recognized by our partners and customers and supported by the attention that our work generates in the international, professional media. such reactions are still confirming the validity of our missions: ‘Lensvelt, Leading in Office Design’.

We shape workplaces with top designers. We combine culture, design and a sophisticated understanding for functionality in our designs, design proposals and services. Because we have the guts to think outside the box, we can bring about solutions for design problems that really inspire. We explore the possibilities of innovative concepts with our customers. This manner does not only seem to appeal to our customers, but furthermore, it is also especially easy for our architects to identify with. Without our partners we convince the market of our ideas.

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