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There’s a handful of these awesome, 1–2-minute videos that cover everything from new kitchens owners’ life before and after their new kitchen, to how enjoyable the experience was. The videos feature some great footage of them, their friends and their food.
I love kichen &living… Great quality price,superbe service,et le plus important ,service apres vente TOP? I have been ,what we call “a pain in the a ass?’ and i have to admit;the groupe of kitchen & LIVING ARE GREAT…
Mrs Dayekh
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Our friends are different

All too often we’re drawn to the same people and resources for kitchen inspiration. The same taste-makers, style gurus and lifestyle experts that really have nothing new to offer…yet are promoted as having the answers aimed at solving your particular design kitchen dilemma. But do they? Really? As today’s popular pundits advise you to keep pounding and purchasing on the trend treadmill…might we suggest we look beyond the usual suspects for some creative guidance. We love to study the artistic radicals…the creative pioneers…and the inventors. Individuals whose original thinking spawned generations of copy-cats, wannabees…and occasionally a true disciple of discovery. We have always been fascinated with how they worked, solved problems and saw the world.


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At Kitchen & Living we design everything for our customers. Our aim is to give customers a fantastic experience, from living with our German made designer kitchen to the inspiration and service in our shops. Our corporate culture is honest, creative, flexible, dynamic and results-oriented – we know when we need to work hard and when to celebrate our successes.

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