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Kitchen and living Beirut Lebanon. German Kitchens in Lebanon. Quality Kitchen in Lebanon.

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Kitchen cabinets made in Germany. Accessories and storage systems. Modern and Classical kitchen design. Customized kitchen and high flexibility.

Kitchen and living Beirut Lebanon is introducing the German Kitchen Pronorm. City Kitchen, URBAN. Beirut Kitchen. White Kitchen. Lounge Kitchen.


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We are very proud to be an award winning
European contract kitchen and furniture
Our Kitchens are designed and manufactured to
a very high specification in our factory in Holland
and in the German factories of our partners.
As a Kitchen and Living customer you’ll enjoy
the many advantages of dealing directly with
a specialist manufacturer including design
expertise, cost savings and reduced lead times.

Did you know?
Innovative furniture hardware
solutions arrive 5 years later in
Lebanon. Your “new” kitchen is
already out of date.
4 of the 5 top kitchen brands still use
outdated hardware.
Top furniture brands are often
The well known brands do not
necessarily deliver higher quality.


Every desire in the kitchen is individual and unusual. Therefore
the perfect kitchen is exactly that which matches your very
personal needs and habits. Experience the many options offered
by modern kitchen layouts, from small kitchen spaces and dreams
over comfortable space planning for the whole family through to
exclusive design highlights: everything is possible. This can be done,
also with the highest degree of individuality, in an unusual design
and with intelligent equipment details.


Pitt Cooking:

The subtle integrated burners will fit in every kind of kitchen. Classic, rural, contemporary, design: PITT
cooking knows no boundaries. The position of the burners can be established from the customers point
of view. With PITT cooking, you will be the designer of your own cooking area.
Instead of the lack of space people experience when cooking on a traditional stove, PITT cooking will offer
you enough space for using each indiviudal burner at the same time, even when using large pans. It will
always fit. With the so-called XL-variant, even more space will be created for cooks who need a little more
freedom of movement.

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