For the love of BLACK

Darker and cosier with warm woods tactile and touchable materials. It is
inviting, organic, with deeper shades and structures.


Black and white spaces are very popular right now, but Black looks even better when combined with a striking color. Black always adds sophistication to a kitchen, and with the addition of saturated wooden colors, this look is bold and dramatic. So, if you’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor in your kitchen, here is an idea to try.


Does this kitchen give you butterflies in your stomach?

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 Materials & Keywords
Organic glass stratus grey, Black matt, Soft touch, Anti fingerprint, Zero-joint edging, Dark oak, dark colors, crafty details.
bohemian feeling, warm and cozy.

All kitchens are 100% made in Germany by   


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Our store staff love helping you create designs for your dream Black kitchen. Call or write to arrange a time. It doesn’t cost anything; that’s why we’re here.


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